18th birthday, cinnamon roles and sheepskin.


Hello All! So I turned 18 this week (wooooo) I can vote! I find it pretty exciting, being an adult. I mean I don’t drink alcohol so nothing changed on that front, but it’s still exciting. I went out for a picnic with my family for my birthday, it was really nice. I have a guilty pleasure for Marks and Spencers food so we went all out and bought a haul of picnic food from there before going to a local nature reserve. We went to see the new Incredibles movie which I really enjoyed, and as the original was a childhood favourite of mine, it felt fitting to watch the second movie on my 18th. I also went out clubbing with my cousins, (sober mind you) and it was really fun. Clubbing isn’t something I’d do regularly, but it was fun for the occasion. I got lots of lovely things for my birthday, although of course that’s not the point, being with my family was the best thing I did. That being said some of my favorite things were a sheepskin sit-on fur, a beautiful wool throw and a pretty silver dream-catcher necklace from my cousin.

I also went charity(thrift) shopping with my mum and found a few lovely pieces of clothes, the Fatface top in the picture above was one of them. It’s so worth going to charity shops, there’s so much branded items that are just a couple of pounds and are in perfect condition. With Fatface clothes specifically, it’s the worn look that makes them so unique and beautiful anyway. I also got an oak desk, a chair and another throw blanket, which were all very reasonably priced. I’m really happy with what I’ve got, all things I’d been looking for for a while. On that subject, I also just ordered some new bedding from IKEA, it’s going to look so lovely, I’ll post pictures when I’ve got it all set up.

This week one of the things we baked was cinnamon rolls, they came out so well and tasted amazing. They were of course gluten and dairy free but did have a little more carbs then we usually eat. Although the sugar was half sugar so not too bad. My best friend Dandelion (not her real name) made me this lovely scrapbook, it’s so nice and the pages she has done are so pretty. I’m feeling inspired and will definitely be continuing the book! Also pictured was my OC (Original Character) Akiyo, this is a drawing/painting I did of her recently. She’s very cute and Japanese style, a friend of mine is having a go at drawing her digitally at the moment in his style. I’m really excited to see what he comes up with!

Although my Birthday’s over, it’s still Virgo season so all is not lost! What is your star sign?


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