Five reasons that you should thrift shop

Hello my lovelies, as someone who has shopped in charity and second-hand stores for years I felt this was an important post to make. If you’re someone who’s considering branching out from your normal high-street brands and venturing into the unknown and intriguing world of second-hand clothes, or you’re already in and want to remind yourself why the way you shop is the best, you’re in the right place!

Keep reading to find out why YOU should thrift shop.

  1. You save money – Now I feel like this is the most obvious reason, and one that you may already be aware of. You can save a lot of money by going to your local charity/secondhand shop instead of buying new clothes. Thrift shops have a lot of well-known and expensive brands, you just have to sort through the random unattractive clothing items, and you can find some real gems. Maybe it’s more hard work, but it’s really worth it. Plus the nice, good quality clothes aren’t one in a million, you can find a lot of pieces from just one visit. I recently bought a lovely Fatface top which would have been £35-£45, for only £3. It was at least 10 times less which is mind-blowing. This is the case with the majority of the clothes I thrift, they are a considerable amount less then they would be new; and to such an extent that you can get a lot without it denting your wallet at all.
  2. You donate money to charity – Obviously, this point only applies when shopping in charity-shops instead of second-hand shops, but in England most of the thrift-shops are Charity shops, so this isn’t much of an issue. I love that fact that not only am I getting cheap, good quality clothes, but I’m donating that money to charity too. This ties in with if you want to save money, you get to support a charity and get clothing in one purchase. If you have a specific cause that you want to donate to you can find a charity shop for it near you. Since almost half my wardrobe (and I’d like to increase that percentage) is thrifted, a good amount of my money has gone towards various charities. I think buying clothes at charity shops is just one of the small ways you can alter your lifestyle to benefit others (and yourself) a lot more.
  3. You reduce waste – By buying preowned clothes you are reducing the amount of clothing waste and production in the world, and helping close the loop of consumerism. Recycling or re-using clothes means that fewer clothes are bought from clothing brands, so fewer resources are put into making more clothes. The number of clothing items in the world today would probably be enough to clothe everyone for the rest of their lives, and yet we’re still making more every single day. This is because so many people buy new clothes constantly and in unnecessary numbers. For instance, often celebrities have a new outfit to wear every day, which I think is incredibly wasteful. Reduce waste and preserve resources, buy secondhand clothes.
  4. It can be easier to find your style – There’s plenty of modern brands like Topshop in thrift shops, and I personally find it can be way easier to find the right style of clothing in the thrift shop environment. So many times in my life have I impulse bought a new shirt or pair of shoes from a high-street brand, only to hate them when I get home and never wear them again. I think it’s the glamour and set up of something being new that makes you want to buy it, and often you can’t see the clothing item for what it actually is. Thrift shops cut the crap, if you like something you like it, if you hate it you hate it. So for me, the clothes that I buy at thrift shops are a true representation of myself and my style, whereas the clothes I buy new can be very trendy and extreme, but not ‘me’.
  5. You meet different people – In charity shops there is such a range of different people because everyone’s in there for a different reason. Some people genuinely can’t afford anything else, some people are shopping for their kids, others love vintage clothing. I’m not saying you should talk to everyone, because I certainly don’t; but just seeing and interacting with diverse groups of people can be a fun experience. Partly because of this vast range of people, thrift shops tend to be quite calm quiet places and a relaxing environment. TopShop has a specific dynamic so can play modern loud pop music to fit that, but in a thrift shop anyone could walk through the door, so I think they leave the environment quite open and simple.

So what do you think? Feeling inspired to live the secondhand lifestyle? Leave a comment and give me feedback!

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