litter picking, grumpy doggies and bursting spring.

I’ve been on a lot of nature walks, observing the flowers, the birds, and the trees. I’m trying to recognise and learn about these things, and be more knowledgeable about my surroundings. This will definitely¬†help me with my environmental science degree, and would be a handy life skill.

Me and Littlest Brother went out litter picking the other day and were quite fruitful in our expedition, sadly litter is not a kind of fruit you’d want to pick. Anyway, it had to be done and it’s nice to know that taking half an hour out of your day can make a really positive impact on the environment and the ecosystems around you. We recycled as much as we could as well. Why not take a little nature walk, and along the way pick up as much rubbish as you can, you’ll be enhancing the beauty you’re observing in the nature around you, as you do so.

This is my dog Phoenix, he’s a Whippet-Bedlington and rather grumpy when having his picture taken. He has a twin sister called Ursa (who I’ll introduce you to in a later post) who’s much more happy to have her photo taken. I love having dogs, they always make you feel loved and encourage you to go on walks. There’s no end to the benefits¬†of doggos!

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