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Market trips, yoga and getting attacked by Bullocks.

Those pictures were all taken on a nature/photography walk I went on recently. I thought to myself, huh, what a nice day, and I’ve been meaning to do more photography so why not take a stroll through the woods/fields, breath in the fresh air, and get some snaps. Now I had a specific place in mind I wanted to get these pictures; a pretty little bridge surrounded by ivy and grown up weeds. So I started walking, it was quite a long way to the cute bridge, so I had loads of photo opportunities on the way (as you can see above). I got to a Bull (or technically Bullock: young bull) field. I knew this field, the footpath went right through the middle to a gate on the other-side. Bear in mind this is a really big field and one side curves round so I couldn’t see the end of it. Hmm, which way to go? I can’t remember which side of the field the gate is on and being a really big field, It’s hard to tell. I see a gate at the opposite side of the field, but this is a big farmers gate with no pedestrian gate and its near feeding equipment for the bulls. I look to the left, this is the side that curves around and I can’t see the end of it. I look, finally, to the right where I see tracks in the grass stretching out to what I think is a gate. In case you don’t know what I mean here is a drawing:

I don’t really know why I spent so much time making that.

Moving on.

So I started walking right, up the path to where I think the gate, this is the side the bulls are on but they aren’t that near the gate. As I get near the gate I realise it’s not a gate, it’s just part of the fence. What I thought was a path was tractor tires tracks going to the fence, where I guess they must have put up the fence or repaired it or something. I turn to look at the bulls and notice they’ve started running at me. I must be miles from the real gate which I guess is all the way on the left side of the field, and the bulls are a few seconds from me. They didn’t necessarily look that aggressive, just inquisitive, but there were bulls running at me and I wasn’t about to take any chances. I look back at the fence; its mesh, so can’t climb it, and it has an electric wire running across the top. Great. I take one more look at the bulls, who are literally a second away from me, throw over my backpack, throw over my camera and jump. I had to do a kind pakor side jump onto the side of an oak tree that was on the other side of the fence and grab the top of the fence, resulting in a jolt of electricity through my body. I landed, spun around and the bulls were at the fence. It was so close.

I then proceeded to get lost in a wood (because I didn’t know where I was now), trespass on the grounds of a mansion,  and then call my mum to pick me up because I had walked in the wrong direction and it was too far to walk back.

And that was the story of the time I *almost* got attacked by bull(ock)s! Back to the normal blog post now…

The cake I pictured is banana bread that I made, it tastes absolutely amazing, it’s really moist and sweet but with no sugar. I’ll post a recipe soon. I’ve been posting on Instagram lots (@molliebynature if you wanna give me a follow ;)) and it’s been really fun sharing my story. This week I did a lot of thrift shopping, I got so many items! Would you guys be interested in a thrift haul video? Hopefully I’ll make one in the next few days. Today I went to the market with my mum to pick up fresh fruit and veg, we do this every week. It’s such a nice vibe at the market and the food there is amazing quality. There are even more benefits to buying from the market which I wrote about in my latest Instagram post. I’m also thinking of making a full blog post about it so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

Mollie x

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