Hazy august days, pumpkin pie and giant courgettes.

My family and I went on lots of walks this week, as we usually do, but we found a new route which is really cool. It’s through a couple of fields that don’t have anything growing in them as they’re going to be turned into housing estates, which is a shame but at least for the time being we have a nice secret walk, which not many people know about!

I thought this was pretty, does anyone know the name of this plant?


One of the reasons I love going on walks is to see how the seasons are changing through nature, the berries are starting to get ripe, the feilds are golden and the sky’s hazy.


I’ve been getting way more into baking recently, it’s such a fun activity and you get a treat at the end, what’s not to love! Another important aspect is togetherness, I find that baking is a great way to bring the family together, everyone can help in some way and it tends to be more relaxed than cooking. You can also talk whilst you bake, laugh around and joke, and then share some pumpkin pie at the end! (as my family and I did).

I also made these amazing scone biscuit things, which tasted like heaven on earth, they were maybe even too good. They’ve got chopped strawberries in them which adds to the flavour. I was thinking of posting the recipe for them as we altered it from the original recipe. All the food we make is gluten and dairy free, and often low in carbohydrates (both the scone-biscuits and pumpkin pie were low-carb), so I feel it would be a handy thing to post some recipes as there is such a high demand for alternative food these days.

The veg-garden is flourishing, although I can’t take credit as most of it was planted by Muma Button (good nickname on the blog?). Although I must say I did plant some very tasty salad beds, which are getting very overgrown even though we eat from them almost daily! With the heat the courgettes (zucchini) have really overgrown so we may not be able to eat them, we’ll have to see. If they’re not okay for human consumption, we’ll donate them to a local farm to feed to the pigs.

I’ve started knitting a scarf for winter with this wool I bought at Aldi (what a steal), it’s so soft I think the wool is meant for baby clothes but I can’t complain! I find knitting so therapeutic and relaxing, but I really do need to learn some new stitches besides the basic knit I know. Pearl maybe? Soon I’m going to start another project and start knitting a blanket throw for my bed, I’m hoping to redecorate a little with new bedding and cushions, and a new woolen throw would look lovely. I think greys and blues will go with what I’ve got in mind, I just need to get some wire hoop needles (probably not the correct name but you know what I mean, I’m just a beginner forgive me). Since this post includes talk of my recent knitting project, I posted a link on Frontier Dreams’ recent craft post, go check it out:


Over the summer I’ve been working two jobs, one at a catering company (kitchen work as well as front of house), and another at a luxury beauty/skincare shop. I’ve been saving 50% of my earnings as I’m starting my degree with the Open University in October and I’m paying it off as I study. I’ve just finished working for the beauty company and am now looking for a two day a week job more locally to support me whilst I’m doing my course. This morning I applied for a job that I’m really interested in, at a local company I love, I won’t say any more now but I’ll keep you posted!

My degree with the OU is going to be Enviromental Science. Saving the environment, spreading awareness and increasing ethical attitudes have always been important to me and that’s why I chose this degree. I’m really excited to start, I find it all so interesting and knowing I could really make a difference in the future is a reassuring thought, especially in the world we live in today. Expect many more posts about being eco-friendly, being ethical and the environment in the future.

Every day (and blog post?) should end with coffee, candles and chocolate.

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